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Experience The Wisdom Council at LIB 2018

May 8th, 2018

This year attendees will have the opportunity to experience a special, one-of-a-kind offering, many years in the making. As a continuation of our mission to honor the voices that inspire a deeper understanding of ancestral knowledge, indigenous cultures and our impact on the environment, The Compass and LIB are proud to introduce The Wisdom Council.

What is The Wisdom Council?

The Wisdom Council a weekend-long learning experience led by revered and respected elders and mentors from a collection of the world’s most cherished traditions and lineages. It’s the first teaching at LIB of its kind, and those who choose to experience it will discover a once in a lifetime opportunity to relearn to listen to the voices of the Earth.

Throughout the weekend, each of the Council members in attendance will be gathering for Wisdom Council Sessions, as well as conducting ceremonies, speaking in workshops or taking part in presentations. In the wisdom they share, we will also bear witness to their legacy as they continue their own learning experience in the company of each other.

Why It’s Significant?

It’s a rare honor and a humbling privilege to be able to receive stories, prophecies and teachings from these deeply respected individuals, particularly as so many of us have grown up without our own connection to traditional earth ways and lineages. There is so much to be learned about our joyful responsibility to the Earth and all her creatures, how to cultivate right relations and how to walk with integrity in all we do. There is also a deep, historic magic to be shared here. One that once discovered will stay with us long after the festival has come to an end.

Despite each of the leaders in attendance having a long and hearty discourse spanning decades and great distances, the Wisdom Council at the Compass will for many be their first time coming share their knowledge and guidance with each other.

What to Expect?

Each day, at the Memory Palace, there will be an extended Wisdom Council Session, where the council will gather to focus on a specific theme and share their insights and information on that topic. Friday, holding the past, will focus on Voices of the Ancestors. Saturday, holding the present, will focus on Listening to the Living Earth, and understanding the important issues and concerns of traditional peoples in the modern age. Sunday, holding the future, will be a Prophecy and Technology Council, to include an extremely rare opportunity to see development and innovation through the lens offered by the prophecies of many different cultures, many of which are coming to pass in our lifetime.

Don’t miss these other important offerings from the elders and mentors of our 2018 Wisdom Council.



The Art of Altars @ Memory Palace

Ecuadorian Medicine Woman, Carmen Vicente will share her perspectives on non-religious altars and why this is important for renovating our connection to art, history and the memory of our ancestors.

Shamanism & Religiosity @ Crossroads

Ecuadorean Medicine Woman, Carmen Vicente will share profound perspectives on the ways that Ancient Shamanism & religious beliefs are woven into modern culture and why understanding these topics are important for strengthening our relationship to our past, present, and future.

MAESTRO MANUEL RUFINO (Taino, Dominican Republic, NY)

Building A Shamanic Community @ Crossroads

Founder of the Golden Drum Community in Brooklyn New York, Maestro Manuel Rufino will be offering a lecture offering unique perspectives on starting a community rooted in the principles of Shamanism.

TATA PEDRO CRUZ (Tutuhil Maya, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala)

Cacao Ceremony @ Beacon

Head of the Tuthill Mayan Elder Council, Tata Pedro Cruz and his daughter Marina Cruz are visiting us from Lake Atitlan in Guatemala and will be providing traditional cacao ceremonies and fire cosmology lectures

TOM GOLDTOOTH (Dine’ and Dakota)

Radical Democracy: It Takes Roots @ Beacon

Tom Goldtooth, Executive  Director of the Indigenous Environmental Network will discuss rights of nature, systems change and what democracy looks like from an Indigenous perspective. Tom will explore how we bring forth solutions, empower each other to return to our roots, and how we rebuild our relationship to the sacredness of Mother Earth.

MARZA MILLAR (Yavapai, Nevada City)

A Magical Apothecary @ Cauldron

Herbalist and Ceremonialist Marza Millar will give a lecture on the power of plant medicines and ways to access the healing magic of her potions.


Placing the Being Back in Human @ Memory Palace

Throughout the world, the prophecies from diverse cultures are being realized. The quickening/ the acceleration of time in our lives and the insidious force of domestication- is contributing to the forgetting of our fundamental humanity. Our survival and those of our relations will depend upon the remembrance of how and what it means to be a human being upon the earth, our mother. Drawing upon ancient, indigenous wisdom and practices, we explore remember and cultivate the very nature of who we are, what we are here to accomplish and our legacy to the future generations.


Water Prayer @ Fountain

Ceremonialist Erika Gagnon will give a prayer to the waters of the world, offering gratitude, and powerful words of heart opening wisdom that will send a wave of peace and healing to all bodies of water, across all nations.

MAZATZIN (Kikapu and Chichimekatl)

Mending the Hoop: Cosmic Identity & Sacred Responsibility @ Beacon

The Aztek Calendar: Astronomical Calendar and Cosmic Clock @ Memory Palace


Plus, our 2018 Wisdom Council host

CHRIS DECKER (Founder at Earthdance and Uplift Festival)