Women Performing at LIB 2019 - Lightning In A Bottle 2020

Wonderful women on the lineup!

February 28th, 2019

With the phase 1 lineup out now we wanted to take a moment to celebrate all of the wonderful women musicians who are set to play at LIB 2019! Many women struggle to thrive in an industry predominantly run by men which have resulted in a lack of women on festival lineups. Here at LIB, we aim to challenge that by breaking barriers and taking steps towards gender equality in the electronic world. From artists to employees, we are privileged with the opportunity of working with many empowered women every day. Read below to learn about the fierce women performers who will be illuminating the stages at Lightning In A Bottle this year!


Santi White is from Philadelphia and is known for her outstanding ability to mix musical genres from new wave to reggae fusion. Over her musical career, she has won an ASCAP Vanguard award and has had a record ranked #1 on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic chart. With fun collaborations with artists like Diplo and Lil Yatchy, her original music is flourishing across multiple platforms. Not only is she setting musical trends, but she is also setting fashion trends by locking in brand deals with Smashbox and Vans. Catch her lighting up the Lightning stage this year with her unique sound and style!

Khruangbin’s Laura Lee

Laura Lee is from Houston, Texas and is known for her melodic bass lines that anchor the sounds of Khruangbin. Khruangbin’s music is a fusion of classic soul with instrumental RnB sounds presented by Laura Lee on bass, Mark Speer on guitar, and Donald “DJ” Johnson on drums. Fun fact: Laura only started playing bass a few years ago, and is now using her instrumental talent as her musical weapon. We can’t wait to have her jammin’ out with Khruangbin on the Lightning stage this year!

Rising Appalachia

Rising Appalachia is a musical group led by the Smith sisters, Leah and Chloe. Rising Appalachia is based between Southern Appalachia and New Orleans, and is known for its soul-folk sounds. The soothing harmonies of Leah and Chloe are accompanied by Biko Casini (percussionist) and David Brown (bassist/guitarist). Each one of their songs is inspired by justice and devotion to world culture that strives to bring community through their melodies. These fierce sisters began singing along to old-time music traditions in the Appalachian mountains as children, and now they’re performing around the world. We are so excited for their return on the Lightning stage this year!


Elohim is an electro-pop DJ, producer, and singer-songwriter based out of Los Angeles with an edgy, raw sound that brings beauty to her music. Elohim, which means “The God” in Hebrew, strengthens her power as a woman performer. Her music touches sensitive subjects such as mental health with a purpose to bring comfort to others who are struggling. We are excited to welcome back her unshackled energy to the Lightning stage this year!

ÌFÉ’s Pia Love

Pia Love is from London and is a member of the electronic music group, ÌFÉ. Pia’s movements embody love and healing through dance and spiritual practices that contribute to ÌFÉ’s uniqueness. ÌFÉ is a Puerto-Rican based group who combines passion and rhythm to influence ideas of cultural freedom through their contemporary melodies. Be sure to swing by the Lightning stage to jam out with Pia as she dances to the traditional Afro-Cuban drumming sounds of ÌFÉ.  

Sarita, La Ayita

Sarita is based in Austin, Texas and is known to blend the sounds of her ancient soul with prayers for the harmony of the future. With Mexican and Cherokee roots, Sarita’s channel knows no limits, and she is bound to no one genre — her wide range will take you on a ride to the truths of yourself. Listen, dance and sing along with Sarita as she performs with LUM at the Lightning stage this year!


CloZee is from Toulouse, France and is known for her electronic bass beats. She has completed five US tours and played in numerous club shows and music festivals. Her exposure to cultural diversity through her travels has inspired a genre she refers to as “World Bass.” Her innovative approach towards bass music has brought significant recognition to her name in the electronic music scene. Don’t forget to storm by the Thunder stage to watch her beats electrify LIB for the second year in a row!

Sasha Marie of Soulection

Sasha Marie is an audio and visual storyteller at Soulection, which is an independent music platform, radio show, and artist collective based in Los Angeles. By fusing different sounds that are based solely on her true feelings at the current moment in time, Sasha’s musical selections have attracted a wide range of audiences. She brands her music and makes her mixes themed to curate moods and feelings for her listeners. We can’t wait to have her rockin’ out on the Thunder stage this year!


ill-esha is a Canadian native based in Colorado who is known for her soundscape of electronic bass music. As a woman performer in the EDM scene, she has built a name for herself through crafting upbeat sounds that touch multiple musical genres such as electronic, soul, and hip-hop. Her creative manipulation of beats has invited her to close festivals and go on tour with artists like Bassnectar and Big Gigantic. Who’s ready to turn up to ill-esha’s jams at the Thunder stage this year? We sure are!

Megan Hamilton

Megan Hamilton is a solo artist from Minneapolis who began in the hip-hop scene before entering the EDM industry. She is known for seamlessly melding her clean vocals and instrumentals. Megan’s strong passion combined with her European influenced funk manifests in her love for music. Be sure to let loose and get your groove on with Megan at the Thunder stage this year!

Anna Morgan

Born in Japan and raised in a Jamaican household in the Bronx, Anna’s underground bass music is just as diverse as her. Not only is she a DJ and producer, but she also runs her own label and radio show. In her productions, you can hear the influence of her ethnic roots and urban flavor that shape her sounds. When she performs, she takes her audience on a musical adventure of underground club music. We can’t wait for Anna to take over the Thunder stage this year!


VNSSA is from Newport Beach, CA. and is known for her tech-house beats. Her musical career started as an indie rock drummer and led to a house music DJ and producer. She has only been producing for less than three years and has already established a name for herself. She has played at Coachella and Dirtybird Campout and is now bringing the heat to the Woogie stage this year. Be sure to boogie over to the Woogie stage and watch VNSSA turn the tables!

Rachel Torro

Rachel Torro is from Kansas and is an emerging DJ in the San Francisco house music scene. Her musical passion began as a child when she played guitar and piano and was further influenced by alternative rock artists such as Radiohead and LCD Soundsystem. When she became introduced to festival culture, she knew it was an environment she wanted to flourish her passions and build a career in. Good vibes and great times are guaranteed at Rachel’s set at the Woogie stage this year!


Karen Gretarsdottir, known as Duchess, is a deep house DJ from Iceland. She is currently based in Los Angeles and is always behind the decks or in the studio. Following her family’s musical background, she inspires to create motion to her music and enrich her audiences’ experience. Are you ready to get lost in Duchess’s sound at the Woogie stage this year? We sure are!

And here are the women of the phase 2 lineup! We can’t wait to experience their performances at LIB. Listen to their music in the playlist above and click each artist’s name to learn more about them.

Grand Artique

The Stacks