Words of Love From Our 2019 LIB'ers - Lightning In A Bottle 2020

Words of Love From Our 2019 LIB’ers

November 21st, 2019

For many of our attendees, returning to Lightning in a Bottle each year is like returning home. The overwhelming positive feedback we received from LIB 2019 attendees affirmed that. It warms our hearts and souls to know the community has embraced Buena Vista Lake as LIB’s home. We dedicate this space to highlight some of the stories, words of love and memories LIB 2019 attendees have shared. These anecdotes will give you a glimpse of what LIB and Buena Vista Lake are truly about! 

On the LIB Community 

“The crowd was simply fantastic – quite possibly the best festival crowd I’ve ever been a part of. Never have I seen such a palpable level of community, selflessness, and togetherness exhibited in just about every interaction over the course of a single festival. I witnessed many, many examples of the above – from neighbors offering supplies and help to one another in the wake of Thursday’s big flood (Noah’s Ark!) to a big crowd of nearby attendees cheering me on for turning a phone into Lost & Found.”

 “I enjoyed the community LIB creates the most. Everyone wants to make sure everyone else is having a good time. People are very nice. Art is great. You can do everything planned, or just wander. There is no wrong way to do LIB. LIB has a personality as a festival.”

“The open vibe of everyone being there for each other makes it feel like we were one big family. At most festivals I find myself getting constantly ran into without the other person caring. I don’t think a single person ran into me at LIB. There was so much respect. I love that families can come together and bring their kids too.”

On the LIB Atmosphere & Vibe 

“LIB was the most wonderful festival I have ever experienced. The atmosphere was perfect, welcoming, loving, and for lack of a better word lit af. LIB’ers are still there for the music but mostly for the overall experience, unlike certain festivals I’ve been to which draw crowds who are only there for the big headliners and aren’t mindful of the atmosphere they are helping to create. Thank you so much!”

“There were no judgements, everyone was just there to have a good time. It was my first time camping and I could not have asked for a better experience. The campgrounds felt so homey & I really enjoyed starting my day off by swimming in the lake and cooking lunch with all of my friends. The art was beautiful, the people were welcoming and friendly the entire time, and the music was amazing. Throughout the entire weekend, I felt as though time had stopped & I was in an entirely different world.”

“Honestly, this is the best festival I have ever been to, and while I will do my best to simplify it to one aspect, the truth is everything about this festival is incredible. There is always a fantastic lineup of music, but the well-rounded experience with art, yoga, learning workshops, and food makes it so much more than other festivals I have been to. One of my favorite aspects though is the people. I always have so many random interactions with strangers that feel so beautifully genuine. Anybody I encounter is so open to conversation and interaction and while all the logistical parts, such as music, venue, art etcetera are excellent, without great people the rest can fall flat.”

On the Out-of-this-World Art & Programming

“I absolutely loved how EVERYWHERE I looked, throughout the venue, there was something interesting to look at/experience. Whether it was things dangling from trees, artists at an easel, abstract seating areas, etc. There was not one dull area. Amazing!”

“Other than the music the interactive art is what makes my heart filled with joy, the way you can have little wormholes all around transporting me and my friends into different dimensions blows my mind. As an adult, we get only a few chances to interact with art and spaces, and being able to do so in nature is truly the most wonderful experience in my life. I was also veryyyyyy excited to dance to the new Latin music stage at Playa Relampago! so bomb and amazing!”

“The music was amazing at the Favela and Woogie stages. I never heard one set that made me want to leave. I’ve been to festivals where I walked all night to different stages searching for something I could dance to. Not here and that’s huge for me. Music is life for me. Marques Wyatt changed my life for the better after hearing his tag team set Saturday night!”

On LIB’s New Home, Buena Vista Lake

 “I loved the new venue! This was my 3rd LiB, but first time we did family camp. I brought my one year old son this year and absolutely loved family camp. The lake was amazing. This location didn’t have any hills to climb, which made it easy to walk around with the baby in his wagon. I loved the amount of people, I didn’t feel like it was over crowded like in years past. I would pay more money for a ticket to keep it at this amount of people. We can’t wait to come back next year! I wish there was a fall edition of LiB. Thank you for an amazing festival experience.”

 “I loved getting to experience the new venue for the first time, with everyone! When I got to LIB 2018, it felt like everyone already knew everything. But this year I got the opportunity to explore and discover with everyone! LiB warms my heart and feels like home no matter what location it’s at.”

“The best improvement was the venue! Bradley was awesome, BUT it was it was also a mission getting from stage to stage. This left less energy for dancing and feeling rested throughout. The new venue was awesome, the proximity from stage to stage was amazing. You could bounce from one stage to the next in less than 5 min each. Also the peninsula with the water looping round was awesome, at night definitely got lost a few times because of it :)”

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