Words of Love from Past LIB'ers - Lightning In A Bottle

Words of Love from Past LIB’ers

April 3rd, 2019 - LIB

To many of our attendees, Lightning in a Bottle is a celebration of many things- community, arts, music, mother nature, health, love, etc. We dedicate this space to highlight some of the amazing stories and memories past LIB attendees have shared. These anecdotes will give you a glimpse of what LIB is truly about!

On the LIB Community 

“EVERYONE WAS SO FRIENDLY! LIB was seriously so unreal; my heart aches as I write this. My favorite part about the festival was the awareness of the environment and inclusion of composting and recycling”– Full with Love

“I loved meeting so many friendly people and adopting them into our camp family as new friends. We danced the nights away until the early morning every day and just got into so many random shenanigans “– One Big Family

“On the first night I unfortunately dropped my wallet, which had all of my cards, ID, and $200 cash. I woke up and accepted my fate that I had lost everything on me. However later that night, I noticed a totem pole that had my full name written on it, and very confused, I asked the people why they have my name on their totem pole. They shouted, “WE’VE FOUND DANIEL!!!” and explained how they found the wallet and were carrying around a sign trying to find me. I had never experienced such a wonderful act of kindness, truly blown away! To have my wallet handed to me with everything still in it was remarkable!”– Lost and FOREVER Found

On the LIB Atmosphere and Vibe 

“I love being able to feel so comfortable going off alone and having just as much fun as I would in a group – the atmosphere at LIB makes it so difficult to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I am always blown away at the installations and interactive artwork and the authenticity of each of the lounges, stages, etc”– Free Spirit

“The atmosphere and the decor was wonderful. I loved the stage set ups and how each was unique. I loved climbing on random stuff like the sunken ship. I loved the positive energy from all attendees. The lake was a ton of fun! This was one of the most unique festivals I’ve ever been to”– LIB 4 Life

As the sun rose above our community I felt the welcoming dirt keeping us safe, the crisp breeze providing us pure oxygen, the lake refreshing our souls, and the warmth from new family contributing positive energy. Days consisted of endless meditation and guest speakers that expanded my mind to new horizons. Nights consisted of dancing under the electric sky listening to the epic music that brought us all together. The days flew by fast but the connection I made was everlasting- I was home”– LIB Poet

On the Transformational Activities, Workshops, and Arts

“I enjoyed being on my own journey this year. Being solo at this festival allowed me to flow with the wind and go with my intuition. With all of the awesome workshops, music, art, climbing, expression, acceptance, connections, it was a truly magical experience. I enjoyed meeting lots of amazing people and having meaningful conversations, helping us align with our authenticity. I enjoyed the abundance of opportunities for transformation!”– Explorer of the Mind and Self

“People from all walks of life, religions and race come together to learn at LIB. We drench ourselves in teachings on the environment, spirituality, yoga, meditation and so much more. We adorn our bodies in different ways to express our creativity. Then as the sun descends behind the mountains we DANCE. We free ourselves from ego and social conditionings. We choose to leave behind judgment and embrace love. Lightning in a Bottle for me is coming home to myself”– Celebrator of Life

On the Lessons Learned 

“Lightning In A Bottle is a journey of a different kind. Whether in the golden light of the day or the neon glow of the night, each year, LIB re-inspires us to create, to dance and to love. But most importantly, it teaches us something we often forget…how to play again”– Kid at Heart

“For once I felt like nothing in the world mattered but whats right in front of me. It truly helped me find out who I am and what I am supposed to do on this planet”– Living in the Present